Satin Jacket

       A  violet satin jacket with a colorful logo embroidered on the back and my name stitched in silver on the front changed my life. Not as significantly as gainful employment in my chosen field had, but a personal positive nonetheless.      I was a degreed artist with programming skills and a […]

Come The Revolution (1969)

This memoir describes my amazing first few days at VRC-50, a US Navy squadron based at NAS Atsugi near Yokohama, Japan. The photo above was taken of me in front of my barracks in the fall of 1969. * * *       As dawn began to illuminate Mt. Fuji, I entered the squadron barracks to check in […]

An Attainable Freedom

This memoir is a fugue-like description of my very first and very last days in the US Navy and the impact a gentle and humorous corpsman had on me. The photo is of me as an old salt walking on the gangplank of the aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga in 1971. * * *     “Ferguson?” the petty officer […]

Layers of the Skin

This is my illustration explaining the structure of human skin for Amy Martin’s book, Itchy Business. In it we see how secreted oils and a thin layer of dead skin cells are our first level of defense against urushiol oil, the reaction-inducing part of poison ivy and poison oak.

Reaction to Poison Oak or Ivy

In Amy Martin’s book, Itchy Business, she explains the reaction process initiated by urushiol oil , the active component in poison ivy and poison oak. We are trying to emphasize that not only is this not a poison reaction, it is not useful to think of there being a substance that can be removed after […]

Itchy Business

Buy this book so you have it when you need it! Minimize the misery of poison oak and ivy rash with the Itchy Business 4-stage plan • Learn the 3 Cs of rash relief • Use minerals, herbs & more to reduce itch & inflammation • Practice safe scratch • Identify, clean off & eradicate […]

Enchanted Rock

One of my favorite pics. This is Janis Togal on the left and Moonlady Amy Martin on the right. We trucked through the Texas Hill Country for a few days, hiking, rock scrambling and visiting swimming holes. Pretty rough, I know.