Come The Revolution (1969)

This memoir describes my amazing first few days at VRC-50, a US Navy squadron based at NAS Atsugi near Yokohama, Japan. The photo above was taken of me in front of my barracks in the fall of 1969.

Hill spoke: “Smitty, come the revolution, you’re gonna have to go up against the wall.”

I looked at him askance before returning to inspecting the empty lockers. “Well, you wake up cheery,” I said.

An Attainable Freedom

This memoir is a fugue-like description of my very first and very last days in the US Navy and the impact a gentle and humorous corpsman had on me. The photo is of me as an old salt walking on the gangplank of the aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga in 1971.

While the Navy clearly owned our asses, Ferguson’s name game allowed him to attain a certain freedom. Plus, it got laughs, helping us avoid stewing over the near future.

Satin Jacket

Satin Jacket is a memoir about life in film and video production in the 1980s. See if you can pick up the thread.

“I like your jacket,” she crooned.

Oh. Well, me too, I guess.

Dotty’s Swimming Hole

Photograph 2009 – Dotty loved this pondlet, when it had water in it. She would swim in circles and bark. We visited this pond after hikes and trail work so the dogs could wash off the poison ivy. The inevitable poison ivy. See This Post for what we learned.

Amy Filming West Galveston Sunset

Photograph 2012 – Amy and I were bringing much-needed income to Galveston after the hurricane. Everyone was getting back on their feet, but it was still pretty desolate in places. In addition to gorging on seafood and laissez le bon temps rouler, we also spent time traipsing through the wilder areas looking at birds. Here’s the bird […]