Itchy Business

Itchy Business

Buy this book so you have it when you need it! Minimize the misery of poison oak and ivy rash with the Itchy Business 4-stage plan • Learn the 3 Cs of rash relief • Use minerals, herbs & more to reduce itch & inflammation • Practice safe scratch • Identify, clean off & eradicate […]


Good Folks, Bad Pic

Here’s Bill Young, Linda Stogner and Amy Martin socializing after the show. Linda opened for Elayne Boosler at the Kessler Theater in March 2016. What a gas! Big fan of Elayne’s for 30 years, and a big fan of Linda for at least 10. Nice night. Thanks to Jeffrey Liles and the Kessler gang for […]


Enchanted Rock

One of my favorite pics. This is Janis Togal on the left and Moonlady Amy Martin on the right. We trucked through the Texas Hill Country for a few days, hiking, rock scrambling and visiting swimming holes. Pretty rough, I know.


Julie Beth Paints Dotty

We were recently honored with the gift of a painting of our late dog, Dotty, by my sister, Julie. She recently retired and took up painting, approaching it with the care and tenacity she developed to excel at her career in education. I always said she had a good sense for art; couldn’t be more […]


Goodbye Osage Moon

Well, we sold the ranch. A tough decision, but well thought out considering where we are in the somewhat improvised life plan. I’ll keep posting pictures of life on the blackland prairie, along with links to the Blackland Prairie chapter of the Native Prairies Association of Texas. I urge those of you into nature to […]