Gloria Mills Smith

Being nice is underrated as a virtue. Yet, offering kindness to everyone often gives the comfort and strength that helps someone make it through the day.

Gloria Mills Smith was a humble paragon of this virtue.

Her last few years were filled with many physical discomforts and a variety of personal challenges. Even so, she was kind to everyone around her. Kind to her family and friends, of course, but also kind to her caregivers.

Even simple procedures like helping her bathe or change clothes could cause her pain. Nonetheless, she would smile. She would thank us.

At almost every visit, one or more of the caregivers at The Wellington would take time to tell me how nice she was, how sweet she was; what an angel she was; how much they loved her.

My reply was always: “Believe me, I know how lucky I am to have her for a mother.”

I like to think of this bit of saintly virtue as her legacy, propagated through generations by people she touched with the subtle skill of her kindness.