Griffin and Garuda

Photograph 2003 – Baby turkey vultures in a barrel. These guys were in a horse stall of a barn we were rebuilding. Built a new home for them and transported them to it in the barrel.  Their parents had no trouble finding them that evening. We didn’t make them pets, but Amy named them Griffin and […]

Rainbow Barn

Photograph 2008 – Unretouched photo of the big barn from the ranch house following a rain. We were in a perfect position for rainbows following afternoon rains.


Photograph 2010 – Our pal Eddie, of Flo and Eddie fame. At this point in time, he is old and ruling the roost.

Mammatus Clouds

Photograph 2010 – Interesting cloud formation near sunset at Osage Moon. Because our home in Dallas is completely covered in clouds, sky watching was our favorite activity at the ranch. Granted, almost all other activities involved toil and sweat.

Internet Tower

Photograph 2007 – Skywatching! This is the tower next to the ranch house supporting a radio that connected via microwave to a transmitter on the water tower in Bonham. Faster internet than satellite, but markedly slower than in Dallas, and much more expensive.