Itchy Business

Minimize the misery of poison oak and ivy rash with the Itchy Business 4-stage plan • Learn the 3 Cs of rash relief • Use minerals, herbs & more to reduce itch & inflammation • Practice safe scratch • Identify, clean off & eradicate the plant.

Dealing with the Rash

Section 2: Understanding Urushiol
Understand the potent allergen urushiol that causes the rash. Who’s allergic and how that changes. How to clean it off your skin.

Section 3: Rash Mastery
Understanding skin for rash mastery. How immune overreaction causes rash. Transcend the itch. Be a PI ninja. When to see a doctor.

Section 4: Your Rash Toolkit
How to practice safe scratch. Treat the rash by its four stages and succeed. The Cs of itch relief: cool, calm, and constrict.

Section 5: Remedies
Rash remedies: holistic and conventional products for calming rash, cooling itch, constricting blisters. Analgesics for pain relief.

Identifying, Defending & Eradicating

Section 6: Identifying the Plant
Identify the four main species of the American Axis of Itching in all places and seasons. Poison sumac. Innocent imitators.

Section 7: Defending Yourself
Prevent urushiol skin contact using clothes, creams and better habits. Ways we spread urushiol around. How to clean everything.

Section 8: Eradicating the Plant
Eradicate the plant by yanking, spraying and mulching it. Timeline for waging battle. Combat gear and nuclear-level protection.

Section 9: PI Reader
Urushiol mummies. Poison ivy tree lacquer. Poison oak art. Pop culture poison ivy. Deadly home remedies. Debunking the myths.

Everything you need to know about poison oak and ivy
but are too itchy to ask.