Figment of Reality

This short story is “a muddle of memory and metaphor” I’ve been trying to birth for years. The photo, by anonymous, shows flares, Cobra gunships and assorted noise looking west from Da Nang Air Base. It was nights like these that inspired this story.

“It had to be OK because Figment of Reality imagined these tales of life and death again and again: of armed teenagers afraid and unable to understand; of more nights of rockets, machine guns and terror; of again running to warn my comrades who work on warplanes in the black night; of a flare popping above; of shadows under the wings dancing like fits of death.”

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The Third (excerpt)

This is a short story about a love triangle. It is part of a longer story about identity, sanity, and true love.

“A former Juliet, long tired of our shenanigans but in love with us still, presented a light into our world. She looked into the Painter’s eyes and told him he was what Asia sought, “God help her.”

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