Solemn Mysteries

This story is about fulfilling the trust a broken veteran put in me, and how I needed to trust someone as well.

“Welcome back,” I said.

His eyes reddened, and he gave me a strained smile. “Thanks, I guess.”

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Come The Revolution

This story is about my first few days in the VRC-50 barracks at NAS Atsugi and the effect my militant first roommate had on me. The photo was taken of me in nearby in the Fall of 1969.

“Hill spoke: “Smitty, come the revolution, you’re gonna have to go up against the wall.”

I looked at him askance before inspecting an empty locker. “Well, you wake up cheery,” I said.

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Duck Power

This story is about my stunted attempts at political activism while in the service. The drawing is my version of the G.I.’s Against Fascism logo.

“A lot of history went down between my enlisting in the Navy Air Reserve in March of 1968 and arriving in San Diego in September of 1969 to find out where on Earth I would be stationed.”

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The Third (excerpt)

This is a short story about a love triangle. It is the beginning of a longer story about identity, sanity, and true love.

“A former Juliet, long tired of our shenanigans but in love with us still, presented a light into our world. She looked into the Painter’s eyes and told him he was what Asia sought, “God help her.”

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